MLM Plans

Plan Type

Binary Plan

Binary MLM Plan is most recommended plan in the MLM industry. The binary represents each member can recruit two people into the first level and repeat to continue distributor the network without limitation. The third member will be placed at next level either left or right of the sponsoring members front-line to fulfil the left and right connection to earn a commission.

Australian X-UP

Australian X-Up plan works similarly with the Uni-level plan. In fact it is adulteration of Uni-level plan. The number of X is called “pass up” sales, which a distributor will pass up to the up-line. After your first X sales, you would collect the commissions on the next sale and so on. Australian X-Up plan will pay more commissions per sale and it pays distributors unlimited deep.

Gift/Donation Plan

An idea of new version regarding MLM Gift/Donation Plan for simplicity of the plan and the chance of getting higher returns to gain wealth in a simple way. The different company might give inconsistent compensations and bonuses based on the policies. The Gift/Donation Plan is not MLM concept, basically, the plan is to send gift to a member and the receiver will receive several gifts from different members. Therefore the receiver will benefit with multiple gift receipts show in the system. This plan could be many levels and the company could change the managerial expenses and registration fee.

Australian Binary Plan

Australian Binary Plan is an extension of the American binary business plan to solve the incomplete MLM plan. In this plan, it is controllable to create new parallel legs, choose options to refer more directs independently, therefore the calculation method in this plan is extraordinary.

Uni-level Plan

Uni-level Plan enables to add width and increase unlimited people to your first level. It is simple and clear-cut LML structure for explaining and train the plan to earn an amazing profit. The Uni-level plan dispenses some additional bonus features such as Fast start Bonus, Incentives, Team Bonus and Rewards.

Stair Step Plan

The Stair Step MLM Plan quite like Uni-level that able to recruit unlimited member in the first level, it is one of the best MLM plans that the sales target volume is based on the distributor target. If you reach the certain achievement will raise for the next higher level. Meanwhile, a team growth bigger will turn to Breakaway Plan for the advantage of getting high profit with good compensation rate through a bigger team.

Party Plan

Party Plan is another kind of direct selling method including host an event like home based party to promotion or marketing of products for a social group. Single level marketing and multi-level marketing may involve during the party. Most of the marketing products related to the woman such as cosmetics, kitchen utilities to demo during the party plan. The representatives or host know as consultants, usually, most of the consultants are women but now men also can join.

Emgoldex Plan

The Emgoldex MLM Plan which designed to satisfy the marketing and advertising purpose to increase the volume of the sales. The new design is to catch the customer’s attention for the table with 4 levels. The arrangement of the table is upside down from top to bottom for the member arrange.

Forced Matrix Plan

The Forced Matrix MLM Plan with the certain width and depth for recruit member acting as 4 x 7, 5 x 7, 3 x 9 and 2 x 12, usually the first level will between 3 to 5 members. The 4 x 7 means four members under the front-line with seven layer depth. When the recruitment has reached the limit, the system will set the new member to direct referrals as your sub-member.

Breakaway Plan

Breakaway Plan is a forming a new plan from Stair Step Plan when the member qualifies for leadership level, they might break away from their up-line to manage own team members. The company won't provide commissions regularly for Breakaway, but the income from your teams are very steady and reliable that is ultimately provided. However, the sponsor will receive some amount of override commission from all breakaway.

Hybrid Plan

In years 1985, the Hybrid Plan is the one that everyone is the distributor in the company but no sales leader. Based on the X number of levels, the company paid the distributors profit according to hybrid MLM sales force. The longer with company and distributor in the down-line to get paid with an extra amount, some specified period to recruit more can earn higher commissions.

Monoline Plan

Monoline Plan is the current popular MLM that join all members in a line without limitation and mandatory level for the compensation plan to work. Monoline Plan concept alike Forced Matrix Plan but technically Monoline Plan proves more benefits than Forced Matrix Plan. One of the benefits is it allows the existing member to earn commission from new recruitment without doing any hard work, therefore the concept is based on the first come first serve. It becomes more popular among all MLM because the first or early join will get more benefit.

Board Plan

The structure of the Board Plan also known as Matrix Cycle that can earn each successful commission based on 3, 5 or 9 members in a cycle. Each member can refer up to two members, each referral spills over and after completion of the first board, the system will automatically enter into a second board to revolve perpetually. The board splitting concept is set by client's requirement with offers outstanding results.

Generation Plan

Generation Plan is recognised by the most important plan among all the compensation plans in MLM and it might be tricky to understand and explain for a newcomer. It is similar to Uni-level Plan and the profit concept is based on the sharing MLM business plan with same or higher rank. The profit will divide and distributed to the up-line member when the product is sales, this is how the Generation Plan process. The company may advertise in different ad media and social network for the present competitive market.

Spill Over Binary Plan

Spill over Binary MLM Plan is an advanced version of forced binary but it only can recruit two members into the first level then cannot recruit any member under your first level. The extension of the business is based on the down-line, and cannot improve many sales. Therefore the Spill over Binary system is recommended to have an opportunity to recruit more members under you down-line without restrict. Furthermore, Spill over Binary is flexible to manage the left and right sub-tree to improve the best income.

Even Up and Odd Up Compensation Plan

Even Up and Odd Up Compensation Plan is horizontal infinity lines related to the Dual Compensation Plan, each member comes will be placed under either admin, company or random position without affiliate link identity. The system will automatically place in Even Up or Odd Up in infinity levels to earn the exciting commission.