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Fully control and of the program operates efficiently and easily.

Backup System

The Backup feature allows you to create a backup MYSQL file that is a copy of your database that can only be restored in to site.

Genealogy Tree

Genealogy Tree is a user-friendly approach to view and manage the down-line members under you.


Commission structure can be defined for each level, and make the structure could be a strong MLM feature that motivates your affiliates

Multi Language

Make use of more than one languages with your business, Admin can add number of languages and translate each words from admin Backend itself.

Multiple Currency

MLM supports multiple currencies to provide services to all global customers. Everyone has the ability to choose the currency they prefer.

Features List

We provide a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features

Back Office

MLM provides all the tools and able access down-line genealogy tree; determine their current qualifications and current earnings, tracking the order.

Withdrawal Options

Select different service to withdraw the commissions from e-wallet to real money. Option to transfer to a bank or transfer to PayPal is also ready out-of-box

SMS Integrations

SMS is the faster way to notified member about their business current situation. The business team can set the SMS notification rules.

Responsive Design

Able to support cross-platform, fit the screen size and easy to control the website..

Customizable Plan

Business plans is customizable sand easy to switch to new plan without any side-effects.


The E-wallet plays the role of the virtual money where the members are capable of making transactions. All the incomes and expenses are stored in the form the virtual money.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading program is a de-centralized key/value enrollment and transfer system-based on crypto currency (e.g. Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bit-Coin). It is an exploration and trading system of crypto currency for people that are registered.



Cryptocurrency will reduce the costs, and create the environment for safe and fast Transactions by directly allowing them to deal with each other, it will create B2B and B2C environment by peer-to-peer transactions.



Manage member’s e-wallet account, realized the 3-in-3-out trading functionality, the system will automatically purchase and sell the E-share based on 3-in-3-out basis.

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Binary Option

An online business that deals on the trading of curriences, etc, binary option is a business that earns you great income on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a business where you predit if a particular option will rise or fall then you execute the trade.

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Secure Real-time Data

In web based systems these systems and processes can often be consolidated reducing the need to move data around. Typically in larger more complex systems data is stored and moved around separate systems and data sources. Web based applications also provide an added layer of security by removing the need for the user to have access to the data and back end servers.

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Highly Deployable

This has huge implications allowing you to widen access to your systems, streamline processes and improve relationships by providing more of your customers, suppliers and third parties with access to your systems. You simply need to send the user a website address to log in to and provide them with internet access.

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